Tutorial 1-Reading for Information

This will be the first section of the course….


Reading for Information

By: West Bloomfield Township Public Library

Don’t forget to add non-fiction books to your reading routine! Kids can follow their own interests and learn about the world around them by reading about bugs, dinosaurs, or outer space. You can also use the information in books to do activities at home – make green eggs and ham like Sam I Am, or a newspaper hat like Curious George!  

What reading experts say

Reading for information is a life-long skill. Use the natural curiosity of children to introduce your child to the world of knowledge inside books. Including non-fiction will help to provide a balance and variety of genre in your child’s reading. Children are curious, love to learn and enjoy exploring new ideas. Exposing your child to non-fiction will familiarize him with the structure of this type of book and will help him learn how to get information from the text. This early exposure will reflect positively in school. There is evidence that a parent’s beliefs and attitudes about reading will directly influence children’s literacy skills. Parents who have respect for the information contained in books will pass that respect on to their children. Children need to know that learning happens all the time, not just at school.

What good readers know

Good readers enjoy a balance of fiction and non-fiction books. They enjoy using non-fiction books to answer questions they may have (“why do stars twinkle”) and are excited to share with others the information they learn in their non-fiction books. Please refer to the following link for more explanation : http://www.ket.org/education/video/kwkey/kwkey_000009.htm

Adapted from: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/15570/

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